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Message pour VeroAdam



je voulais savoir si vous etes revenu de votre voyage aux Memories Flamenco Beach???

comment a ete votre sejour? j' y serai dans 24 jours et j' ai tres hate!!



Bonjour Nadonn,

Je suis revenue.! Bouh!

Hôtel très bien, staff excellent, chambre très propre et lit confortable.

Aucune moisissure dans la chambre.

Pizzas excellentes au Snack Bar 24h, buffet varié, capucinos, miam!

Drinks excellents

Je n'ai pas vraiment de mauvais commentaires :)


Ci-dessous, mon review sur Trip Advisor (anglais seulement).

Pardonnez-moi mes fautes d'ortographe, j'ai écrit mon commentaire à la hâte, avec mon iPhone.

First, let me tell you this trip was the best in 5 trips to Cuba. We were a group of 13 people.

The flight with sunwing from Ottawa on April 8 was perfect, no delays, awesome sandwiches, no complaint.

The check-in was in the bus, even though we got there at 11 pm. What a great idea! Thanks so much for this great service.
We got to the hotel and our room was ready. Building 8, 3rd floor which is located in a pretty quiet area. There was a extra cot bed for my stepson just like we asked. Thanks again.

Rooms were clean and well put. Always new water every morning, awesome little figures with our towels and bed sheets, clean floors, toilet paper, lots of shampoo, conditioner and 2 face cloths every morning (first time I see this in Cuba).

The hotel is the perfect size!!! Not too big, not too small, everything is close and there are also little buses if you have trouble walking. All the group mentioned that in many trips, this hotel was definitely the perfect size.

Buffet : I've read here a complet about the buffet not having mash potatoes..... Really? You're in Cuba, next to the ocean and you complain about mash potatoes? Well there was lots, everyday! And it was good! 
The cheeses are the best I've seen in Cuba. Soup and proscuitto was always good. Yes in the morning bacon is often empty, please be patient, you are on vacation :) Omelets and pancakes are really good. 

We didnt try any A la carte but we did try the Snack Bar a lot! Pizzas are amazing! And we also went to the little buffet behind the snack bar for lunch, which was always good also!

The beach : My boyfriend
proposed to me right in front of the beach bar, with the ocean in the background! Special thanks to Hiram and Agnel and another staff (sorry I forgot your name) for making this day perfect! Merci merci merci !!!!! 

Yes there are corals but if you did your research before booking this hotel you were aware of it, so why complain? Our stepson had no trouble going in the water without water shoes and he is 7yr old... Lots of areas where you can get in the water without hurting your feet. Oh and the beach during low tide is simply amazing. I had never see this before. AMAZING. Also, never had trouble of finding a chair even at 10:00 am.

Pools : Pools are clean and we never had trouble finding a chair before 10:00 am. One pool is more calm and the other one with the pool bar is more party! We die both and loved it.

Drinks were always good! My stepson appreciated the slushies a lot and the boyfriend drank Cubatas all week.

The Manager came in our bus to say goodbye when we left. I never saw that before and it is definitely a wonderful idea. Thank you Jesus! 

Special thanks to the ladies working at the buffet, on the right, next to the bathrooms.
You guys are amazing. Special thanks to Maryluz our maid and Agnel, Hiram and the bartender at the pool bar.

We will see you again, Flamenco! Thanks for making my engagement, perfect!