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Sirenis Cayo Santa Maria

J'aimerais savoir s'il y a des gens qui sont revenus du Sirenis Cayo Santa Maria.  Lors d'une autre discussion, il était mentionné qu'il y avait des gens qui partaient pour cet hôtel pour Noël.  Si ces personnes sont parties seulement pour une semaine, elles doivent donc arriver sous peu. 

S.V.P. donnez-nous des nouvelles de cet hôtel le plus rapidement possible car je crois qu'il y a plusieurs personnes intéressées.





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tout ce que j'ai trouvé aujourd'hui de nouveau ca serait que Sirenis n'opererait plus aucun hotel a Cuba tres prochainnement


si ca peut vous rassurer voici ce que j,ai trouvé:

I just come back from Sirenis Cayo Santa Maria. We bought the tickets for December 21st, 2011, but the resort opened on December 24th, 2011. For the few days, we stayed at Melia Las Dunas, and the morning of December 25th, we got transfer to this beautiful resort, Sirenis Cayo Santa Maria. We were only 8 guests, but a lot of other persons bought tickets for this resort. We had the courage to get transferred when we knew that the resort will be open, and I guess the other ones didn’t had the chance to know that the resort opened.

We were the first guests and I can tell you that we had a very personalized service. We were very welcomed by the general manager, M. Torres and by M. Juaquin (the other person in charge of the resort), and they showed and explained us the different services available in the resort. The check-in was very fast and within 5 minutes we had our rooms and the keys. In the afternoon, we found fresh fruits and different bites with salmon and chicken breast, waiting for us in the room. Also, a good bottle of rum was offered as a gift by the resort (traveling with Air Transat). Many of you are maybe wondering if the resort is completely opened and if all the services are available. Yes, everything is ready and waiting for you, so you don’t have to worry. It’s not our first trip to Cayo Santa Maria, and I can tell you that I never saw a better resort, so please don’t be afraid. Everything is brand new and I can tell you that they made a big effort to build this exceptional and wonderful place. Despite the fact that we were only 8 persons, we had all the services that we paid for: daily entertainment, nightly shows, cleaning services, à la carte restaurants, etc. I’m sorry about the length of my comment, but I will state point by point about the services that you can find at Sirenis.

Rooms: They are completely different from the ones that you are used to see in Cuba. You have only one wall of colour, and it matches with the coverlet and the pillows. You also have a mini bar stocked daily with water, soft drinks, jus and beer, two double beds or king bed and a plasma television. The rooms are very clean and the maids are leaving their shoes outside the room when they are cleaning it to avoid marks on the floor (I never saw that before). Also, you have a wonderful bathroom with a big mirror, put in order towels, etc. If you need an extra help, please ask Barbara because she’s really an angel (she’s cleaning next to the snack bar bathrooms).

Beach: The beach is wonderful with fine white sand and clear blue water, and you can easily see small colourful fishes through your legs. They have brand new blue beach chairs (not the plastic ones) on the beach. They had a great idea to manage an area on top of the sand hill for the ones they want to relax away of the sun, at shadow. As well, everything is ready for the water sports (hobby cat, kayak, pedalo).

Food: They have 3 different à la carte restaurants. We had the chance to eat every day at a la carte restaurants because we were only few customers, and the food is excellent. Nothing to complain about it. The plates are full and the food tastes amazing. There is also a buffet (very chic), but it wasn’t opened because we were only 8 guests, so no use to open it for us only. You can also find a buffet on the beach (a very big one), that will be opened at noon, I guess.

Bars/entertainment: The cocktails and the drinks were very well prepared. The bartenders are looking to see if we need something else. The entertainment staff is amazing, mostly Dayan and Javier. Even if we were only 8 guests, we had shows every night and also, entertainment during day. We had the chance to listen to traditional Cuban music live with the local band.

Just go visit this resort and you won’t regret it. It’s really an amazing place where you can relax and enjoy your vacation. Have a wonderful trip.